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Welcome to the 3rd International Conference on Healthcare and Management (ICHM) in Taiwan. The first ICHM was held in 2015 with the aim to create a platform for discussing the situations, challenges, and outlooks of related issues in healthcare and management. Since then, the ICHM has annually brought up plenary speakers, scholars, and practitioners together to share their ideas and visions. In particular, with the fast growing of aging population, participants of the ICHM2015 showed their deep concerns on the long-term care, aging population, and the future of healthcare. Then in 2016, along with the explosion of big data analytics, the ICHM2016’s theme and focus were eyed on the big data analytics in healthcare and management. From the problems faced in healthcare and management in 2015 to the issues of collecting, analyzing and understanding the healthcare data in 2016, now how to effectively and efficiently manage related issues are essential. Therefore, we choose "Be smart on Healthcare and Management" as our theme for this year’s conference.

With great pleasure, we have invited several keynote speakers for our upcoming ICHM2017. Professor and Chairperson Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan from Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA will talk about Roadmap to Smarter Healthcare Management. Professor Robert A. Smith - Senior director, Cancer Screening, Cancer Control Sciences Department, American Cancer Society (ACS) will present Cancer Prevention in the USA. Professor Hsiu-Hsi Chen - Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, Taiwan will give a lecture on Personalized Health Care. Professor and Associate Dean Thomas T. H. Wan from School of Health and Public Affairs, University of Central Florida, USA will talk An Transdisciplinary Approach to Big Data Based Health Care Management Research and Practice Improvement. Professor Jui-fen Rachel Lu from Chang Gung University, Taiwan and President of Taiwan Society of Health Economics will talk about the evolution of Taiwan’s health insurance system. Professor Jersey Liang from Department of Health Management and Policy, University of Michigan, USA will give a speech on Long-term care. Professor Chad Yen – Director of LinkMed Asia®, Taiwan who will give Business needs, demands, and quality on healthcare management.

We welcome worldwide scholars, researchers, practitioners, and students to take part in this exciting gathering.

Conference Chair:

Sy-Ming Guu, Professor and Dean, College of Management, Chang Gung University, Taiwan.


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